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Off Grid Solar Project

There are many remote areas where electricity line can’t be reachable such as desert, polar region, mountain and island etc. Well-designed solar stand-alone system can provide stable electricity in such location such as observation stations, repeaters, research lab etc. Based on the requirements, off grid systems can be integrated with battery backed-up. According to various loads and local weather conditions, the power station will have different capacity of solar panel and battery. The solar-generated power storages into the battery bank during the daytime and provide the load as required.

For the importance, the system must be designed conscientiously. Two main important parameters needed to be considered. The generated power must larger than the required load capacity. And the capacity of the battery must support during bad weather condition. At high latitude areas, the length of sunshine is very asymmetric between different seasons. In such areas, the system always integrates with wind or diesel generator for getting stable power.

ATES offers complete solutions for any Off Grid Solar plant based on the client’s requirements.

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 Off Grid Solar Project
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