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On Grid Solar Project

Today Solar Grid-tie system is the main system type. It will low down the peak power output of Power Company and save the traditional power resources. The system generated electrical power supply local loads, the surplus power can feed to the main electricity grid. The surplus power can be resold to the power company on a preference price level. In a PV wide-installed area, the peak power of traditional source will be efficiently reduced. An on grid system doesn’t have battery storage to store the energy and it must be installed where the grid is reachable. Thus the costs of establishment and maintenance are lower than any stand-alone system.

ATES has extensive experience in utility scale solar; including both ground-mounted systems and large roof-top installations. Our ground-mounted experience extends across all kinds of terrain, including complex sites with high degree of inclination and demanding ground conditions. With our in-house engineering capacity, we provide optimized solar plant designs for each project – taking account of specific site and local ambient conditions.

Ise City Solar Power Plant-ATES

Ise City Solar Power Plant (6.4 MW), Japan

ATES’s solar power plants utilize well proven equipment suppliers. We have extensive experience in application of both string and centralized inverters, while we offer both fixed installations and single-axis tracker systems depending on project requirements. All installations are carried out under the supervision of ATES’s experienced project engineers.

ATES offers following Solar Solutions:

  On Grid Solar Project
 Off Grid Solar Project
 Solar Water Pumping Solution
 Grid Battery Interactive Solar System
 Solar Lightening System
 Wind Power System