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Solar Water Pumping Solution

Solar Water Solutions offers innovative, sustainable and economically efficient solutions. Our vision is to provide sustainable clean drinking water for Domestic & Livestock, water for Irrigation in remote locations.

Our stand-alone units operate with solar energy, without any batteries or energy storage. Ultimately, the aim is to replace polluting and noisy diesel generators with solar energy as a power source in off grid area. The pump can be submersible or surface, depends upon the need of the project and customer.

Solar water pumps are high efficiency pumps specifically designed to run from solar panels. Coupled with a suitable pumping maximizer or controller, they continue to pump in low light conditions such as cloud cover, early morning and late afternoons.

Due to their ability to lift water to great heights, these submersible pumps are also suitable for water transfer applications such as dam to storage tank, storage tank to header tank, stock watering, etc.

Solar Submersible Pump-ATES

As, ATES got approval from IDCOL to run Solar Irrigation Projects in Bangladesh, it has already started few projects in Bangladesh.

ATES Solar Submersible Pump in Gaibandha, Bangladesh

ATES Solar Submersible Pump in Gaibandha, Bangladesh

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 Solar Water Pumping Solution
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